#45 - Beirut

Well hello, it's been a while, hasn't it?

I will finish that story about Steve in late June or something.

This shall be a post  really only talking about Zach Condon, from the band Beirut.
Some random things:
He's a true musician who plays multiple instruments (he plays the accordion, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, mandolin, ukulele, horns, glockenspiel, and percussion along with Barnes' drums and Trost's cello and violin. Plus he made a horn from a conch shell).
His wrists don't align, but that little imperfection makes him all the more endearing.
His life story sounds like something out of a novel (he dropped out of school and travelled to Europe at the age of 17 and fell in love with Balkan folk and gypsy music).
His voice is beautiful - really pure and resonant.
He's so awesome that I don't know whether I want to be him or be with him.

Anyway, I'll leave you with Beirut's 'Elephant Gun':