"W-what year is it?" murmured my blog as I resurrected it.

Hello faithful ones, I'm pleasantly surprised and grateful you haven't abandoned me all together, and it seems I have recently acquired a new, mysterious follower despite my absence. (Who are you?)

It's been about half a year since I wrote anything at all here and it's because... well... I've been having... an... affair with another popular blogging site.

"What! How could you?..." My blog looks at me with tearful eyes.

"I'm sorry!" I cry. "It's just that... Tumblr is so fascinating and charismatic... I couldn't help but be drawn to its charm! But I've returned, it's all fine!"

"You... you're just going to break my heart again. This - THIS - right here, this is just going to raise my hopes. All you're going to do is write this one post and then leave me for another six months!"

"No, no that's not true! I'll write more often, I promise!"

I don't promise, but seriously guys, Tumblr is like an explosion of awesome. I write a lot more on Tumblr. Also, it's less demanding - you can reblog stuff and gah, it's just really great.

Come join...


  1. tumblr gives you a virus............. its called PROCRASTINATETILLDEATH

  2. WHOA :O now we just need Wandi, and the 3 bloggerteers will be back! (meaning the original 3 bloggers, if you didn't get my joke :( ) but seriously, nice :D


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