I feel this is important to share with y'all. Just because they're so accurate it hurts.

So there are these amusing websites that have been going round on Tumblr. You type in your blog's name and it churns out something on the other side. My Tumblr blog name is schadenfreudig. The stuff they come up with...

What does your name mean?
36,750 people were diagnosed. 9,409 results. The result changes every day.
Hot! by @resoni
schadenfreudig's name means: 1) Has no friends. 2) A failure of a human.

You've been suddenly sucked into an RPG. What are your stats?
28,463 people were diagnosed. 330,600 results. )
Hot! RPG  by @stephieku
schadenfreudig: Lv.42 Nerd. Special trait: forever alone.

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