#2 - Apologies

Hello, reader.

I just deleted my last post, and I feel I should apologise to you for having done that. It feels like I've cheated.
I refuse to write a diary-like blog. Little events are OK, but no diary entries. I don't think you'd be very interested in my day-to-day life.
[I got up at 11.30am. I had brunch. I watched TV. I did some homework...]

Because I began this blog for no apparent reason, I'm having trouble giving my blog a purpose.
So I've decided to just talk about topics. Random topics, as I have been doing so far. I prefer this. I can rant, or philosophise (haha - like my tiny brain could do that) or just lay my thoughts out. Don't expect any answers.

Right. So. The apology, eh?

We say 'sorry' all the time. Especially British people. In fact, we say it so much, it ceases to have real meaning anymore.
How do you justify an action? Can saying sorry make everything alright again?

Ooh, there was an answer.

You're wrong, Elton John. Sorry does not seem to be the hardest word.
But seriously, if someone said sorry to you, can you let it go immediately?
Of course, it depends what it is that they've done to you, but sometimes it's difficult to forgive:

Murderer to murdered victim:                      'Um, sorry.'
Murder victim:                                            '...'

[Meanwhile, in heaven/hell/purgatory...]

Victim (looking down/up from heaven/hell/purgatory): 'Oh curse you, spawn of Satan!'
Murderer (looking down/up):                      'What was that?!... Am I hearing voices?'
Victim (rubbing his hands gleefully):             'Ahaha! Let's drive this man mad!'

Aha, forgiveness. Forgiveness goes hand in hand with repentance and apologies.
If everyone were to forgive and forget, think of all the tensions and fights that would disappear.
As it is, however, people may forgive, or at least say that they forgive, but I don't think anyone truly forgets.

I hope you'll forgive me for having deleted my last post.

Yours faithfully,

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