#1.2 - Yet another thing: The possibility of snow

Having realised there was no way I would do any work from between now and when I go to sleep, I've decided to blog, because at least it's a half-constructive form of procrastination, as I was just discussing with Fishface.

The subject I shall be addressing is that of snow.

Drawing faces in the snow on the pavement while waiting for a bus in Switzerland.

The problem with snow is that it's really only fun for kids. But even then, the excitement wears off after a while.

Kids see snow as some kind of wonderland:
Adults see snow as a nuisance:
'SNOW? Oh ****! How am I going to get to work on time? This is going to be a nightmare...'
When I become an adult, will I think like that?
In England, when it snows, the whole country becomes paralysed.
The councils will put grit on the roads, and all the snow will melt and then it will become an ugly brown gritty mess. Grown ups prefer this ugly brown gritty mess.

If you go to say, Scandinavia, or Canada, or wherever it is that has lots of snow a lot of the time, it's pretty standard.
I went to Switzerland a bit ago, and as soon as I saw snow, I went and hugged it. Besides the fact that it was a really cold hug, the Swiss folk looked at me and thought: 'Standard Chinese tourist who's never seen snow before.'

I hope it snows during a weekday. You see, if it snows in the weekend, I'd feel cheated of a potential snowday.

Lesson of the Day:
Never eat yellow snow.

Pretty self-explanatory, really.

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