#1.1 - Another thing: Kit Kats

Ah, Kit Kats. You beautiful things.

Yesterday, I decided to try using a Kit Kat as a straw. It was some event. For me, anyway.
After school, a few of my friends and I went to a newsagent's nearby and bought a Kit Kat each. I bought a dark chocolate one, because I hadn't tried one before.
We then went to Caffe Nero, ordered hot chocolate, bit the ends off our Kit Kats, and tried to draw hot chocolate through the wafer.

It was quite a challenge. Well, I say challenge, but what I mean is that it didn't really work.
I may have got a tiny bit of hot choc, but either it was melted Kit Kat chocolate mingled with saliva, or else it was a figment of my imagination, I don't really know.

But whatever, because it was yummy.

Try breaking off pieces of Kit Kat and chucking it into your cup of hot chocolate. The chocolate melts and you're left with extra chocolatey hot chocolate and wonderful, chocolate-infused, wafery goodness.

Ahh... Chocolate.

It was cold and dark outside, and there we were, sitting in a cosy cafe, hands wrapped around warm cups of hot chocolate.

How many times have I written the word 'chocolate' here?!

Actually, I gotta admit that I felt a bit sick later. Too much of a good thing.

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