#1 - Peer pressure


I hope you're having a nice day/afternoon/evening depending on where you are and what time you read this.

So as you can divulge from the title, I'm going to mention something about peer pressure.
An example of this social phenomenon is, well, this very blog.

Why is everyone writing a blog? Well if everyone else is, I should.

Initially, I wasn't going to bow down to this peer pressure. I'm very good at steeling myself and doing what I think I should do. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or whatever like all the other kids do, and that there is an example of my not yielding to peer pressure. Woo, go me. I JOKE. You do whatever the hell pleases you, that's what I say.

Anyway, I scoffed at all the bloggers, yet here I am now.
Why then, you may ask, did this 'Ali' person decide to join the blogging sphere?
Well, honestly, it's not like I have anything particularly awesome to say.
Jokes, everything I say is awesome
It's a form of procrastination. And I like procrastinating. Who wants to work? Why do stuff you don't want to do? It's a free world, right? So why do we continue to do what we're told? Go to school, go to work, do what all the others do?

Let's start a REBELLION.
I joke again. Maybe later. I'm far too lazy.

Gee, THANKS, Wandi... Oh someone stop me from procrastinating...

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  1. You are very much welcome =D
    or should i say >=d


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