#28 - Old age + time (part 2)

[NB: I wrote this in the early hours of a night sometime ago, so apologies for any outlandishness...]

I had a conversation some time ago (with some IBer most probably, straight after their TOK lesson) about our perspective of time. You know how as we get older, time seems to pass by more quickly? Well of course, this isn't really the case; time doesn't change its speed at all.

But then again, having said that, its all relative, isn't it? It's only because we humans have decided to regulate time that we're able to 'measure' it.
We all talk about time as if we control it. We 'have' time, we 'find' time, we 'give' time to do something, but time isn't something you can possibly own.

Ah, I haven't answered my own question. Time seems to pass by more quickly as we get older because of the proportion of time we have spent alive. If that makes sense. (It's late, OK? My mind's a bit like cotton at the moment.)

OK, so a year is a relatively short time, right? Just 365 days, nothing more. (Irritating Nerd Reader: "UH. But what about a leap year?" Yeah, well stfu, Irritating Nerd Reader.)
But to a two year old, a year is half their life.
So... One year to a two year old is like twenty-five years to a fifty year old. Right?

Meh, goodnight/good morning to you all.

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