#27 - Stats/Oreo milkshake

So I looked at my stats just now, and discovered the most viewed post is the one about Kit Kats.
Not because it's well written or funny or anything, but purely because there's a picture of a Kit Kat.
I didn't even take the picture.

This is disappointing. Oh well.
Kit Kat Chunkies are about 42 x better than standard Kit Kats. Subjective fact.

If I include a picture of a Kit Kat Chunky here, perhaps this will be my second most viewed post.

Or better still, some crazy celebrity that always makes it into the papers, like... Lady Gaga. If I put a picture of her in my blog, that would definitely get my blog views up...

Also, my friends and I made some Oreo milkshake and Oreo truffles (using Philadelphia cream cheese...) yesterday. They were godly.
Unfortunately, we drank/ate them all before I could take a picture, so here's how we made the milkshake instead:

NB: This is not a proper recipe. But it works.

- A whole packet of Oreos
- A few scoops of vanilla ice cream as you like
- Some milk so it doesn't become too thick
- Chocolate syrup so it's proper chocolatey like

1) Put everything in a blender (but remember to take the Oreos out of the packet)
2) Blend it all
3) Try it and add more ingredients to suit your taste
4) Serve and sing a song about Oreos.

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