#33 - An ode to bacon

Oh bacon, you complete me!
I could never be a Jew.
I'm a Chinese atheist,
We eat everything, it's true.
The smell of bacon sizzling
Makes me salivate,
I'll rush down to the kitchen,
Get a knife, fork and a plate.
I'll sit there quite impatiently
Until the bacon's done.
But the wait is always worth it,
'Cause bacon's number one.

It doesn't stop at bacon,
I love all kinds of meat.
To be a vegetarian
Must be some kind of feat.

I wrote a poem dedicated to my one true love, bacon. That's how much I love it.
If people weren't so judgemental, I would put the words to music and serenade a piece of bacon. Unfortunately, this may be misconstrued as mentally unstable behaviour, and so I shall refrain from doing this.

Tish tosh to all those people against eating meat. We are naturally omnivorous creatures - that's why we have canine teeth.
Follow this logic. Animals eat animals (e.g. lions eat zebras). We are animals. We should eat animals too.
I rest my case.

Good day to you all, and eat some meat.

Oh £%*&! School tomorrow and no work done!

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