#26 - 5 out of 8

Pinch punch, first of the month, and no returns.

A month has gone by since I'd set myself some good old resolutions.
Let's see how well I've done.

1. Do some exercise. ü
Haha. Um. Actually, I've been out jogging once a week every Sunday, for what seems like forty minutes. I look at my watch and to my disappointment, it's only twenty.
Even though this won't get me any fitter than before, it makes me feel like I'm doing something.

2. Eat less. û
... If anything, I seem to be eating more. I love food. I just... I just... can't get away from it.

3. Work more. û
No, this hasn't happened.

4. Get a job. û
Um... So far, no... Unless... Unless I start monetising, whatever that is.

5. Don't be a hermit. ü
Right. Well, this is subjective. I have spoken to humans. Does that count?

6. Stop smoking. ü
Yeah, shut up, this makes me feel better.
Oh crud. If I'd never started smoking, that means I never could have stopped either...

7. Stop making stupid jokes. û
An example of a stupid joke I made:
*End of class. I jump up*
(While dancing) 'Are you ready?... Are your ready for lunch? Yes I am, oh yeah!'
Elton John is the beast, man.

8. Sleep more. û
I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Yes, the more attentive amongst you will have realised I've only kept three out of the eight resolutions I'd made. The title was, of course, the number of resolutions I'd broken... It's just embarrassing, you know? Three out of eight...

OK, honestly? Honestly, I didn't try very hard, partly because I'm just naturally lazy, and partly because I'd forgotten about these resolutions about thirty minutes after I'd made them.

There's always next year, 2012.

Oh, wait.
Isn't that Apocalypse?! Ah, well. It sounds fun. I'd forgotten to put that down on my calendar.
I wasn't looking forward to the London Olympics anyway.

This year is going to be awesome.
Why is it going to be awesome, Ali? I hear you ask.
Well, firstly, I'm going to finish school forever. No more school for all eternity.
Secondly, the new Strokes album will be out on the 22nd March, which, incidentally, is my junior school teacher's and my teddy bear's birthday. I finished knitting my teddy bear in Year 3 on her birthday, so I named it after her. Their names are Mary.

I digress.

Anyhoo. I have a whole heartful of love for Julian Casablancas. His voice is just so awesome.
The new album was meant to come out early last year, but of course, that didn't happen. I'm so geared up for this. It's called 'Angles'. (The first time I heard about the album, it was from an Xfm DJ, who said it was called 'Angels', which I'd thought was more a Robbie Williams-sounding album name. I ran around telling everyone it was called 'Angels'.)

Here's a drawing of a dead angel that I drew ages ago:

3rd Doodle

My Year 11 mind was a little morbid. Here's a picture of a chubby little angel to cheer you up:

4th Doodle. Yeah boi.

Why is it a compliment if someone calls you an angel?
Surely it means that you look dead or something.

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