#8 - People Watching

Don't you hate it when a snowflake flies up your nose? Snowflakes are so cold.
Also, I wish people would stop going on about snow. As if it wasn't obvious enough.

Today's topic is People Watching.

(NB: People watching is different to people judging. No. Wait. Actually... maybe it isn't.)

Essentially, it's voyeurism, only less intense and creepy - plus it's socially acceptable.
It's more fun with friends. I was sitting near the window on the first floor of a McDonalds with my friend Eunjee recently, and we had a good view of the pedestrians from above.

How to People Watch (according to Ali, anyway):
Pick a random, interesting-looking stranger on the street (without their knowledge) and make up a story about them:

1st example: Man eating sandwich on a bench. Litter-picker hovers close by.
Explanation: Well obviously, they are spies. Litter-Picker has a coded message to give to Sandwich-Eater. The sandwich is obviously some hi-tech mobile device with which Sandwich-Eater can detect higly confidential information, about which we will never know. Unfortunately, Sandwich-Eater isn't the brightest spark, and has eaten his mobile device before Litter-Picker can transmit the message. They part, and the mission remains unaccomplished.

2nd example: Middle-aged man meets another middle-aged man.
Explanation: The first middle-aged man is called Malcolm. The second is called George. There is no reason. It just is. Malcolm has two teenage children. He recently had a divorce which devastated him. He went to a bar to drown his sorrows. There, he met George, who is gay, and who broke up with his boyfriend the week before. Malcolm has a sexual awakening, realising he is gay, and hooks up with George. No one knows about this, which is why they must have clandestine meetings and frolic in the park.

The best place to people watch has to be on the underground. I think Seann Walsh said this, but going up the escalator on the tube (in London, these escalators are really long) is just intense People Watching.
I mean comparing people watching from inside a cafe to people watching on an escalator is like eating a Chewit, which is sweet, compared to just injecting straight sugar into your veins. Intense, man.

People watching on an escalator is woah. So many faces. So many hot/ugly people. Mind blown.
So, this was Ali, on People Watching. That's it. Have fun.

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