#6 - Letter to my 30 year old self

Dear Future Ali,

You're 30, so you're pretty old. I hope you don't have any premature grey hairs yet. If you do, don't stress, because that'll only lead to more grey hairs.

I bet you're jealous of your 17 year old self, because I'm young, and you're not.
OK, sorry, 30 year old self. That was kinda harsh. I guess you're kinda young. For an old person.

Hum. I'm not really sure what to write in a letter to myself. I'm also struggling over how to address you. Or me.

First off, I hope I don't kill myself before I reach thirty, otherwise this would be quite a pointless letter.

So I'm at school, and it's pressurizing and stressful. I hope I get a good job, otherwise I'll have worked my ass off for nothing. I don't know what I want to do in life, but even though I joke and say, 'Haha, I'll just become a hobo', I'm kidding. I really hope I don't become some thirty-year-old hobo, living on the streets with a manky dog for company.
But if I do, I'll name him Napoleon and call him Nappy for short.

My friends are awesome. I hope you're still in touch with them. If not, you're a fail.
I think Ish will be a renowned dentist and Clara will be a formidable businesswoman. Not sure about the others, but hopefully they won't shun you for being a hobo.

If I carry on eating when I'm bored and not doing any exercise, I guess I'll be morbidly obese by thirty. Haha, FATTY. Now you can compete in the Guinness World Book of Records as the fattest person ever.
I hope you don't go and get plastic surgery and end up looking like Michael Jackson. (No disrespect, MJ.)

At the moment, I'm sitting around when I should be doing some work. I'm wondering which university I'll be going to. Yes, the future is quite a frightening place.
I hope you live somewhere awesome. I've always wanted to live in a quirky flat in the middle of town. Perhaps in London, or Paris, or New York, or Hong Kong. Don't go and live in the countryside. You'll obtain a funny accent and I don't need to remind you that we suffer from hayfever. Unless by the year 2023 they find a cure for it.

I'm hoping that by the age of thirty I'll have found someone I love. You don't have to be married. Marriage isn't that important. If you don't have anyone to love, that's cool. Buy some cats. Be happy.

Yeah. I think if you're happy, then it's all good.

Yours truly,
Ali/Me/Past Ali

I don't like putting 'xxx' at the bottom of letters or cards or emails. Also it's rather narcissistic to do that in a letter to oneself.

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