#14 - Hell's bells

i.e. car alarms.

There's an orchestra of car alarms going on outside.
One went off, the high-pitched type, and then another went off at a slightly lower pitch, in sync with it and everything. It created a kind of cacophonous harmony.
Ooh, unintentional oxymoron.

In my irritation, I tried to sing along with it, because that's what I'd do if an annoying song comes on the radio, but it proved very difficult singing to a car alarm.
I went to the window to see what the beep was going on, but all I could see were two cars flashing their lights at each other. Like a courtship ritual, if cars did such things.

The noise is driving me insane. It's not my fault that I'm writing weird stuff, blame it on the car alarms.

Damn. It looks like the cars are giving off some weird smell. The lines are meant to convey noise.
OK, it has stopped.

Now there are angry people shouting at each other.
I can't hear what they're saying, but I imagine that beneath that surface of hate, there is pure, profound love.
You just gotta read between the lines, you see, or have a stupid imagination like I do.

OK, they've stopped too.

Silence once again, and order has been restored.

Stupid bloody car alarms distracting me and wasting my stupid bloody time I couldn't concentrate because of those stupid bloody car alarms and their stupid bloody owners not bothering to switch the stupid bloody car alarms off because they're stupid and bloody and retarded AAAARGH stupid bloody car alarms

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  1. stop saying stupid and bloody. its bad for you. also, the badest word my mum can say in english is 'stupid' so you remind me of her ><


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