#13 - Nothing to do with time travelling.

Hello, children of the world.

This post is kind of sort of maybe not really to do with time travelling. Sorry to disappoint you, but the clue was in the title.

Who wants to go to the future? We all are anyway. Just be patient.
I had a thought, while the New Year celebrations were occurring. If you could get to places really quickly, you could have celebrated New Year every hour. I mean, New Year gets to the easternmost point in the world first, i.e. anywhere along the 180th meridian, e.g. Fiji. If you quickly traveled east to say, Sydney, an hour later, it would be New Year all over again. And you could just keep on doing that (if you could find a craft that could travel quickly enough).

Anyway. I'm going to write about fake time travelling, in terms of time zones. Like I said, it's not real time travelling (hence, fake).
So I live in London, in which the Greenwich meridian is located.
Everywhere to the east is hours ahead of us.
Everywhere to the west is hours behind us.

So, say I move to Hong Kong (GMT+8), forever. If I moved there, it would seem like I lost eight hours of my life.
If I moved to New York (GMT-5), forever, I'd have appeared to gain five hours.
I know this isn't true. It's not really gaining or losing hours, it just feels like it.

It's weird that, on the westernmost point of America (Cape Wrangell, Attu Island, Alaska), this is where the last sunset happens, it's still the early hours of the 3rd of January, while at the easternmost point of Russia (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug), it's already the 4th of January.

For those of you who were hoping to get the real deal about time travelling, sorry. If you've got this far, congratulations, I have wasted precious moments of your life that you will never ever get back. Mwahaha.
Here is a consolation paragraph:

I have been to a really interesting lecture about time travelling, only I can't remember how it worked. How useful. It was possible, but (for the moment) only with very minute particles.
I, for one, think it impossible, for a number of reasons. One being the paradoxical nature of time travelling. Let's say I travelled back in time and killed my mum. That would mean I wouldn't have existed in the first place.
Yeah, I know, that was rather brief. In truth, I know nothing about how science works. Sorry. Again.
Here is an interesting link about time travel anyway. It is easy to understand. Here is one that is not, for all you hardcore science enthusiasts.

That was Ali, on fake time travel. Ali, out.


  1. that was actually quite interesting! (not saying your other blogs aren't lols)

    good job :)

  2. cos of the paradoxial thing, a scientist man came to our school and said, that's why you can only travel forward in time...
    also i love your time machine :D


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