#21 - Free money!

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to talk about something entirely different altogether.


No, I am actually going to talk about free money, and how YOU, yes, you, sitting there, reading this very post, can get your hands on some of that stuff.

I'm not even joking, it's the easiest sheet that ever existed.

... Only you don't get much of it. And it's not money, it's vouchers. Plus it takes an age.

So I came home today, and found an envelope, inside of which was a voucher!
I'm not going to say how much the voucher was worth. It's too embarrassing.

OK, fine. It was worth a measly pound. 100 little pennies. A quid. A squid. A lula. (Squid = a lula in Portuguese, I just learnt today.)

Anyway. If you go onto YouGov and do their surveys, you earn points (50 points per survey). Once you've earned 5000 points, you get a £50 voucher!
So that'll take 100 surveys... Plus, surveys come every few weeks... so... ah, whatever.
Free money!

It takes kind of nearly forever though...
I've been on since October 2010, and I've only earned 300 points... This is long.

Here's the site anyway, for, uh, vouchers, that uh, take forever to earn:

There is almost kind of no point.

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