#25 - Snot so nice

See what I did there, eh?

The other day I sneezed something like twelve times in one minute.
I got really angry because sneezing is really tiring, so one minute I was fine, and the next, I was quite literally exhausted. And my abdominal muscles hurt. Who knew sneezing was such a good work out?

1st Doodle: A boy sneezing.
I feel illness approaching. I tried kicking it in the shins and spitting in its face, but it didn't seem to mind.
If I muster up enough will power, perhaps I could just will the illness away. Maybe I could make myself immune if I thought about it hard enough.

Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? When I was little, I was told my eyes would fall out if I sneezed with my eyes open. I didn't know the reason, so I've done a little research for you.
Disappointingly, there is no reason why we sneeze with our eyes closed. It's just a natural reflex, just as if you tap a particular spot on your knee, your leg will jerk. (I find that most entertaining...)

The Ancient Greeks thought that every time you sneezed, you lost some of your brain matter. Despite this misguided belief, they were still as clever as hell.

Some random facts about sneezing*:
1) You sneeze when an irritant comes into contact with the lining of your nose, which causes the nerves to send a message to the medulla, the lower part of your brain, making the muscles in your chest expand and the muscles at the back of your throat and vocal chords contract. The stomach muscles and chest muscles do the same, and the sneeze is expelled through your mouth.
See how many muscles you use to sneeze? No wonder why I get so tired.
2) When you sneeze, you shoot out 2,000 - 5,000 droplets of mucus and air, that propel away from the body at between 70 and 100 miles an hour (112.6 and 160 kph).
3) The spray from your sneeze can reach up to 5 feet (152.4cm).

So I thought I'd share some pen/pencil drawings with you from time to time. I sometimes draw in my diary or doodle in my homework diary, so you might see more of them soon. Maybe.

Um, yeah. Have a nice day.

Oh, I almost forgot -

Ali's Tip of the Day:
If you're feeling the need to sneeze, and you're having trouble, look at the light.
You're welcome.

*from Discovery Health

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